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There have been movements for decades to add Malcolm X’s name to a street in Los Angeles’ Black community.  FA-MLI, Inc.’s plan is to add Malcolm X’s name to Crenshaw Boulevard.

Community Build partnered with the Los Angeles Public Library for a screening of “The Fire This Time,” which highlighted the issues that led to the 1992 Uprising.

Metro held a closing ceremony for the Business Interruption Fund, Business Solution Center, and Eat Shop Play programs.

An elevated, automated people mover will connect to Metro’s Crenshaw/LAX line in downtown Inglewood and travel to the Forum, SoFi Stadium, and the Clippers’ arena when it is complete.

This summit dispels the narrative that there aren’t many Black coaches in the pipeline. “I think it’s a cop-out.”

Fisk University will become the first HBCU to have a gymnastics program, giving Black gymnasts an opportunity to attend a Black college.

Twyman is tasked with managing the information that goes out to the media and the public.

The View Park resident started out shooting local sports and worked his way up to the NFL.

Brett C.S. Roberts traveled through the Sahara Desert in the middle of the night to reach Cairo, Egypt.


South Los Angeles native and Inglewood resident Brett C.S. Roberts published a book that gives tips on how to travel the world on a budget.

The Hawaiian Islands offer perfect year round weather with it’s amazing beaches, beautiful sunsets and spectacular sights.  Maui is one of the most popular destinations.  

New Orleans is a predominately Black city that features amazing live music, art, and food.  Sunday second line parades, jazz lounges, and art studios showcases the city’s culture.   

LaTanya Letcher was able to see spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and snow-capped mountains as she traveled through Northern California, Oregon, and Washington.

Local Black hiking organizations are taking advantage of Los Angeles’ outdoor terrain.

Cooper has seen an increase in Black surfers since he took up the activity and he believes that getting over a fear of the ocean would bring more Black people to surfing.

Cooper has seen people make physical and emotional transformations by attending her Saturday morning classes in Inglewood.

Gyms are still closed, so many people are getting together for large group rides and joining cycling clubs in the greater Los Angeles area.

The festival will be held August 27, 11:30 a.m. - 8:45 p.m. on the upper parking deck at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.

The film industry is massive in Los Angeles, but there is a relatively small percentage of Black people working behind-the-scenes jobs.  The Handy Foundation is creating pathways for diversity in the industry.

South Los Angeles native Eric Craig’s YouTube series takes a historical look into local communities.

The Stocker Street Creative will bring a film studio to Baldwin Hills.  This Black-led project will feature 50,000 square feet of sound stage studio space, community rooms, and restaurants.

The non-profit organization gives diapers, baby products, groceries and other products and services to people in need.

There will be Juneteenth events in the Los Angeles and Inglewood throughout the weekend, including the return of the Kingdom Day Parade.

This group of Black mothers helps each other as they seek resources for their families.

The free Saturday night dance party takes place in front of the Vision Theater.

The B.R.E.D. podcast highlights the stories of Black investors and host Sam Dolciné has created a real estate investors community to help others enter the field.

Attorney Almuhtada Smith is helping local Black founders take their businesses to the next level.

With billions of development dollars pouring into the Crenshaw District, discussions are taking place to ensure that new development adds value to existing residents rather than displacing them.

This event features an incredible line-up of panelists, moderators, and facilitators to discuss topics such as business, technology, education, politics, art, and entertainment.

Introductory youth program showcases high-paying careers at the airport.

These mentoring programs help Black students succeed academically and in life.

The youth center steers children away from gangs with their college-ready programs that emphasize STEM fields.  It recently received vital funds to install bullet-resistant glass and Kevlar into the walls of the building to protect the children from stray bullets.

The library on Jefferson Boulevard just west of Arlington Avenue features books by radical Black, Brown, and Indigenous authors.

Kim Prince partnered with Gregory Dulan to open the restaurant at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.  

Both vegans and non vegans enjoy the plant-based cuisine at Azla Ethiopian Vegan, which is on Leimert Boulevard, just south of 43rd Street.

Vanessa Punche turned her coffee truck into a Mid City brick and mortar coffee shop on Redondo Boulevard, just south of Pico Boulevard.

Inglewood sisters open this wine bar on La Brea Avenue, just north of Centinela Avenue, which features the largest selection of Black-owned wines in California.

This tour features South Los Angeles’ amazing home gardens.

Local designer Tauska Trusaun-Kennedy specializes in ADUs; building tiny homes and converting garages into living quarters.

Darren Hudson offers curbside service in Westchester every Saturday morning.

“It’s amazing what framing does to a piece of art.” -Dennis DeLoach, owner of DB International Framing

YOLA provides children free instruments, intensive music instruction, and opportunities to perform on stages in their communities and around the world.

The Lula Washington Dance Theater hosted Juneteenth: A Classical Music and Dance Festival. 

The Where Art Can Occur Theater Center provides a space for artists of African descent to showcase their work.  The theater company will be placing a bid to become the operator of the Vision Theater in Leimert Park.

The Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center in Leimert Park created a path for Christopher Powe to go to college.  

The Boutique retail store at the Westfield Culver City Mall has over 80 Black-owned brands.

The Black-owned beauty supply store has locations in South Los Angeles, Inglewood, and Compton.

The Inglewood adult boutique specializes in promoting sexual health and well-being while improving communication between partners.

The downtown warehouse sells Divine Nine, HBCU, and Masonic merchandise.

Perry is running for Congress in November.  She plans to continue her efforts to combat the homelessness issue.

CD10, which has one of the largest Black populations in Los Angeles, does not have any voting power on the City Council and many residents are demanding proper representation.

Newsom discusses issues such as the pandemic, education, economy, homelessness, criminal justice reform, and how the handling of those issues will dramatically change if the recall is successful.

Neighborhood Councils are a place where community members can participate in the political process and work to impact their local communities.

After hosting a vaccination event, the two organizations will host two free events on Sunday, June 26 at the L.A. Alpha House in View Park.

Residents who do not drive are more likely to miss health-care appointments, so the ride-share program is helping them get to vaccination sites.

The Leimert Park health store expanded their location to deliver more healthy products designed for their Black customer base.

The local organization hosts a weekly food giveaway at Sole Folks in Leimert Park, as well as in Compton and San Pedro.

Master printer Von Thomas creates museum quality custom color and black and white prints.  

This Black-owned photography and video studio is on Crenshaw Boulevard, just south of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Black artists showcase and sell their artwork at this local art gallery.

South Los Angeles artists are invited to submit their artwork for a chance to win $1,000!

The Charles Communication Group is a public relations agency that spreads their clients message locally and nationally.

Vaughn was a star athlete on Dorsey High School’s football and track teams.  Now he’s starting a rewarding career as a firefighter.

The South Los Angeles non-profit organization partners with Coastal Health to train health workers to retrofit the workplace environment.

Freeman, an Inglewood native, will complete her Bachelor of Science dgree in Nutrition in 2021 and she will pursue a Master of Science degree in Dietetics.

Los Angeles Standard Camera Club members took photos around Los Angeles as people followed stay-at-home orders.

The theme for this month is video! 

Omar McGee is providing his clients with excellent auto services without them having to step foot on a dealership lot.

The owners of The Metaphor Club created this monthly classic car meetup show to support Black-owned businesses.  

Stevo Ward made subtle changes to his Mercedes-Benz CL500. Those changes make his car standout from the crowd. Photos by Jason Lewis


Stevo Ward is the go-to-guy to make a car a head-turner.

Car salespersons no longer hover around the car lot waiting for customers. They now huddle around a computer to interact with car buyers. Photos by Jason Lewis


The days of heading down to the dealership and haggling with a salesperson are nearly over.  

Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation partnered with Best Buy, the Annenberg Foundation, and Greater LA Education Foundation to create a center that has a computer lab and recording studio.

The Watts native has opened LA Create Space, a co-working space in Inglewood which features an audio and video production studio.  

The 12-week NXT LVL paid-intern program teaches young adults digital marketing, SEO, graphic design, creative editing, emerging tech, campaign management, media buying, audience research, and more.

Frazier is bringing virtual reality technology into classrooms to give students a more effective learning experience.

The Butlers, both buisness owners from Los Angeles, held their wedding in New Orleans.

The couple were married at the Rose Garden in Exposition Park.

Lewis, a UCLA graduate, was born and raised in Los Angeles.

The couple held an elegant and sophisticated wedding in Santa Monica.