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Leafy Green Creation supplies locals with the best quality plants

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Darren Hudson offers curbside service in Westchester every Saturday morning.
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Customers can purchase house plants or pickup their online orders from Leafy Green Creation’s Darren Hudson every Saturday morning in the parking lot behind Staples in Westchester from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Photos by Jason Lewis

By Megan Reed

Darren Hudson sets up his plant shop in the parking lot adjacent to Staples in Westchester every Saturday morning from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.  Customers who placed online orders stop by to pick up their Leafy Green Creation plants, and many people stop by for some on-the-spot shopping.

This weekly popup gives customers a higher quality plant at a better price than the local gardening store.

“I cut out the middleman, and I hand select everything,” Hudson said.  

Hudson buys directly from local growers, which allows him to give his customers a better price than a retail store.  And because of his experience in the house plant industry, he has a keen eye for the best quality plant.

Hudson, who grew up in Inglewood and South Los Angeles, specializes in plants that purify the air and that follow feng shui principles.  According to Leafy Green Creation, plants are living organisms and studies show that they interact with a person’s body, mind and home in ways that can enhance the quality of life by increasing levels of positive energy.

When people decorate their home, they usually start off with furniture and then artwork.  Plants serve a similar purpose.  

“It turns a house into a home, and plus it cleanses the air,” Hudson said.  “You get the accents.  You get the things that make you feel good.  Bringing the outdoors indoors is great for your mental health.  And the clean air is the best part about it.”

Snake plants, Zanzibar gems, croton mammy standard lollipop, and indoor trees are very popular.  Hudson’s best selling plant is is the eucalyptus.  

“People rig the eucalyptus in their showers,” he said.  “The oils come out and it opens up your upper respiratory and cleanses it out.  And it looks beautiful.”

Eucalyptus provides an aromatic and beautiful aesthetic look to the home.  When placed in the shower, the steam will help activate and release the essential oils to give a soothing, relaxing shower.

Visit Leafy Green Creation’s website at www.leafygreencreation.com to place orders.  Also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.  For orders of $50 of more, they offer free delivery.  Staples is located at 8704 S. Sepulveda Boulevard.  Hudson sets up right behind the store.