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Posh Luxury Imports

Posh Luxury Imports CEO Omar McGee


Omar McGee is providing his clients with excellent auto services without them having to step foot on a dealership lot.

By Tracey Edwards

Posh Luxury Imports is the new go-to shop for people who are looking to purchase or rent high-end luxury cars and also for people who are looking for a more modest vehicle to fit a smaller budget.

Posh Luxury Imports, based in View Park-Windsor Hills, offers their customers a beautiful array of exclusive vehicles.  They also give an exclusive luxury experience to their clients.

“Anything that you want, we can provide for you,” said CEO Omar McGee.

Customer service is extremely important, and McGee makes the process of purchasing or renting a car extremely simple and convenient.

“We make life easier for you,” he said.  “Imagine being able to pick up the phone, and saying that you needed an S550 Benz, and two hours later it’s delivered to you.  People call us, tell us what they want, and we’ll have it delivered right to their job.  That’s how easy it is.  It’s just that simple.”   

Most auto shoppers no longer go down to the local dealership to search for a car.  Auto sales begin online and at Posh Luxury Imports, there is no need to ever step on a car lot.  

“The old dealership way is outdated,” McGee said.  “The future is Internet based.  When you look at the traditional dealership, 85 percent of their customers are coming from the Internet.  Only 15 percent are walk-ins.”

McGee finds the vehicles that his clients request, and then he sends them a full report on the car.

“We’ll let you know everything about the car before you purchase it,” he said.  “And we’ll tell you about all of the different options.  We’ll provide you with information that you wouldn’t have known existed.”

The customer is able to inspect and test drive the car when it is delivered.  When the customer is pleased, he or she can then sign for the vehicle.  If the customer is not satisfied, the vehicle is returned and the customer can continue shopping.

Posh Luxury Imports not only deals with high end cars, but they also sell cars in less expensive price ranges.

Posh Luxury Imports’ car rental service comes in handy in a city like Los Angeles.  Many people are looking for luxury cars for major events such as BET weekend, the Grammy’s, the Oscars, the NAACP Image Awards, and many others.  People also use the service for special occasions, or just a nice night out on the town.  

“There’s a lot of events here in L.A. where people need these type of cars, and we’re very happy to provide,” McGee said.

This is Posh Luxury Imports’ first year in business, and McGee, who is from Flint, Michigan, worked in the auto industry as a child.

“I grew up in the car business,” he said.  “My father had me working in the collision shop as a youngster, which I hated with a passion.  That was really my motivation to go to school (Howard University) because I couldn’t see himself working on cars to that capacity for the rest of my life.  I never knew that I had that love for cars until I got older.  You never realize how much you’re like your parents until you get older.”

The first year in business has been pretty good.  

“I do what I love, and I figure out how to monetize it,” McGee said.  “I followed my passion and I’m going to enjoy my life doing what I love.”

For more information about Posh Luxury Imports, visit www.poshluxuryimports.com or call (323) 895-2658.