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Los Angeles County’s digital inclusion program’s goal is that everyone is connected to the Internet.

Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation partnered with Best Buy, the Annenberg Foundation, and Greater LA Education Foundation to create a center that has a computer lab and recording studio.

The 12-week NXT LVL paid-intern program teaches young adults digital marketing, SEO, graphic design, creative editing, emerging tech, campaign management, media buying, audience research, and more.

Technology has a major impact on the music industry, and it has helped Universal Music's Chris Ayears manage artists and get music to the masses.

Entrepreneurs Nannearl Brown and Nicole Hollis are using technology to ensure that all women, with a focus on women of color, can easily find beauty products that work for them.

Plug in South L.A.’s Urban Tech Connect featured panel discussions from tech experts and entrepreneurs. Photos by Jason Lewis

Technology is transforming every type of business.  Entrepreneurs can learn how to take advantage of the tech wave and how to finance their businesses by attending Plug in South Los Angeles’ Urban Tech Connect Conference on May 16 at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center.

Mack majored in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Entrepreneurship, and now he owns a startup company that designs ‘smart’ glasses.

Director of the web series “Leimert Park,” Jones discusses how digital media is the most useful tool for up and coming content creators.

Conference attendees packed the California Jazz and Blues Museum as Idris Sandu, a rising star in the tech industries, discusses apps that he has created. Photos by Jason Lewis

Locals in today's workforce and business owners greatly benefit from this technology conference.  The next conference is September 25, 2021.