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Ghettoff in downtown Inglewood

Nefertiti Mitchell, founder and CEO of Ghettoff


The Inglewood adult boutique specializes in promoting sexual health and well-being while improving communication between partners.

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By Megan Reed

Sexual health is a taboo topic, but it’s something that is important to intimate relationships.  Many people do not speak about their feelings or desires, even with their partners.  This can have a negative impact on a relationship.  Another issue is that some people may not know how to be pleased, making it difficult to express their feelings to their partner.

“Intimacy is something that we all need, whether it’s solo play or couples play,” said Nefertiti Mitchell, founder and CEO of Ghettoff, an adult boutique store in Inglewood that specializes in sexual health and wellness products.  The store sells lingerie, lubricant, adult toys, and other items to create a heightened sexual experience.

Privacy is very important to Mitchell and her clients, so she sees customers by appointment only.  Customers do not have to worry about bumping into people that they know in the shop.  Mitchell spends time with each customer, discussing sexual health so that she can help the customers pick out products that can work for them.


“We’re going to sit down, have some wine and pastries, and talk,” Mitchell said.  “And then after that we’re going to go to the showroom and find some items that are just for you.  I need you to be comfortable.  You don’t have to worry about anybody else coming in here.  I free up enough time for you to talk about you.  And it’s an exclusive experience. ”

When people learn their own body and what pleases them, it helps them communicate that with their partner.

“We rely on our partner to please us, but many people don’t know how to please themselves,” Mitchell said.  “It starts with yourself.  So let’s start by knowing who you are and what you like.  Then you can communicate to your partner about those things.  Then there’s a better bond.  And even if you’re not with a partner, you still need to know what you like so that when you do get with a partner, you can tell your partner what you like.  It makes relationships so much smoother.”

Some people may be intimidated by sex toys, and others may steer clear of them because it’s viewed as taboo.  Mitchell said that many people are unaware of how these toys can improve sexual health.

“It opens up doors that you probably didn’t even know about,” Mitchell said.  “I’ve heard that some people don’t know where certain things are on their body, such as g-spots and things like that.  These toys will help you understand your body and how your body works.  My goal is to educate you about what’s out there, and give you options.”

Many people in relationships drift apart when they do not have a healthy sexual relationship.  Mitchell has seen her products and knowledge help people improve their overall relationship.  

“For me, it’s exciting to reconnect them,” she said.  “The greatest thing is to figure out the connection and reunite people.  And also to explore.  People can’t just keep up with the same norm.  They should see what’s out there.”

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Mitchell would host events and meet with large groups in her shop.   During the pandemic she has hosted smaller groups, couples, and individuals.  

Mitchell has created a subscription box that is sent to customers monthly.  The items in the box are based on a survey that the customer takes.

“When it comes to your doorstep, you know what time it is,” she said.  “It’s going to be that date night.  The only thing I ask people is that they be opened-minded to everything that’s in that box.”

Ghettoff is located at 304 E. Manchester Boulevard, just east of Market Street.  Contact them to set an appointment at (424) 800-2331, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Visit their website at www.ghettoff.com and follow them on social media.