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Dorsey High School girls receive dresses for prom

Becca’s Closet’s Los Angeles chapter president Marsha Garnett with Dorsey High School students. Photos by Jason Lewis


Macy’s, Becca’s Closet, MAC Cosmetics, and AT&T gave Dorsey seniors star treatment.

Macy’s donated 200 prom dresses.

By Megan Reed

Dorsey High School’s gymnasium was transformed into a boutique showroom as Macy’s, Becca’s Closet, MAC Cosmetics, and AT&T partnered to give away prom dresses to girls in need.

The girls were able to look through several racks of dresses to find the one that they wanted.  After getting their makeup done by MAC Cosmetics, the girls tried the dresses on and then had their pictures taken in front of a step and repeat banner.

“Macy's has given us fabulous designer gowns,” said Marsha Garnett, president of the Becca’s Closet’s Los Angeles chapter.  “They've given us over 200 gowns to give out to these young ladies.  We want to help them celebrate their senior year.  Sometimes we take for granted what it means to look good and feel good, and through these fabulous gowns they are made to feel like queens.”

Becca’s Closet is a non-profit organization that donates prom dresses to high school girls around the country and awards scholarships to deserving high school seniors.  This is the second year that Macy’s has partnered with the organization.  

MAC Cosmetics gave makeup demonstrations and gave the high school students MAC products.

This event featured a DJ, and the girls were able to take home MAC Cosmetic products.

“This event has sparked excitement with our young ladies here at Dorsey High School,” said Dr. Sean Gaston, Dorsey High School principal.  “The excitement about the prom, the excitement about four years of accomplishment, and it ends with this grand event that is the senior prom.  The girls are going to go prepared, they're going to go well dressed, they're going to look well, and they're going to have everything that they need.”

For more information about Becca’s Closet, visit www.beccacloset.org.

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