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Audacity Studio has everything a classic man needs

Mark J. Campbell, president & CEO, has the perfect accessories to go along with Audacity Studio’s high-end suits. Photo by Jason Lewis


This View Park-Windsor Hills establishment has everything from made to measure suits to a grooming salon.

By Jason Lewis

Audacity Studio is a place where the grown and classic man can go to have his fashion and grooming needs met.  This establishment offers suits, accessories, black boot service, barber services, skincare, and concierge services.  

The studio is designed to make a man look and feel successful, and get a multitude of high-end services under one roof.  Quality is what sets this studio apart from other clothing stores, and that quality starts with customer service.

“When you come into Audacity Studio, we’ll typically spend about an hour with you,” said Mark J. Campbell, president & CEO.  “I want to find out your measurements, what you currently have in your wardrobe, and what your wardrobe goals are.  I don’t even ask you what your budget is, because this will be an investment over a period of time.”

In the haberdashery portion of the studio, men can select from made to measure suits from the top brands in the clothing industry.  Attire ranges from business to casual, with something for men from all age groups.  

“We’re moving toward being more attractive to the millennials with a line that we have called Cake for Monarchs,” Campbell said.  “That takes them from casual to dressy casual to grown man.  We want them to be represented well when they go out to get those high-powered jobs.  They need to look the part.”

Los Angeles tends to be a causal dress city, so many men can have difficulties selecting the proper business attire.  But Campbell knows exactly how to make a suit look great, from making it fit properly to matching the right accessories with it.  And he also pushes men beyond what they believe their limits are.

“I’m helping men to see the possibility, and stretching them a little bit,” he said.  A lot of guys won’t wear pink.  But there’s nothing the matter with it, as long as it’s tastefully done, and you’re viewed as well dressed.”

Audacity Studio does not just want their customers to dress nice, they want them to dress well.  And that way of thinking goes beyond the clothes that they sell.  The grooming salon has extended services that surpasses the typical barbershop services.

“We take you back to that old school feel,” Campbell said.  “A lot of the barbershops do not do straight razor; they do not do hot towel service; they do not do facials; they do not do light massage; they do not do beard treatments.  It’s just a lot that we do in that space that’s different, and it takes a little bit more time.”

Photo by Jason Lewis

The atmosphere of the salon is similar to a barbershop, with men talking about sports, politics, business, etc.  But the studio is upscale, and they offer customers complementary libations.

“Our customers are spending a little bit of money with us, so we have some premium Scotches (and other whiskeys) for them,” Campbell said.  

This is a one-stop shop for men to pick up everything that they need to look sharp.  The studio has leather belts, cuff links, tie clips, bow ties, suspenders, leather briefcase and duffle bags, travel kits, flasks, and humidors.

The studio’s concierge services are another perk.

“We’ll contact you a couple weeks before your anniversary,” Campbell said.  “We have access to flowers for you.  All of those things that us dumb men wait until the last minute to do.  We’ll have a car service pick you and your significant other up.”

This establishment is important for this community, because there are not many places of its kind in South Los Angeles.  Most men typically have to leave the community to shop for suits and high end clothes.

“We tend to go west or north, because the offering has never been here in our community,” Campbell said.

Audacity Studio is located at 4440 W. Slauson Avenue.  Contact them at (323) 299-1999.  Visit their website at www.audacity.la, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.