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Faces of the Rams House


Rams team photographer Jeff Lewis, a View Park resident, photographs passionate Rams fans in their communities.

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South Los Angeles native Sharon Ransom is a Rams super fan who was selected for the Faces of the Rams House photo series. Photo by Jeff Lewis. Check out more photos at https://www.therams.com/news/sharon-ransom-traveling-the-world-for-the-los-angeles-rams


By Blake Carter

The Los Angeles Rams have very passionate fans, and they’re showcasing that passion and the culture of Los Angeles through a photo series: Faces of the Rams House.

Rams team photographer Jeff Lewis, who grew up in Mid City and currently resides in View Park, photographs Rams fans in their neighborhood.

“What we do with every fan is go to a part of the city where they’re from, or show a part of the culture from where they’re from,” he said.  “We went to a mission in San Gabriel; we went to the beach in Santa Monica; we’ve been in downtown L.A. down on Broadway; we’ve been down to Huntington Beach and Anaheim.”

Recently the Rams featured South Los Angeles native Sharon Ransom, so Lewis chose a few recognizable locations near Crenshaw Boulevard and Slauson Avenue.

“We’re showing off how beautiful this neighborhood is,” Lewis said.

Lewis showcases the area of Los Angeles where the super fan is from. Photo by Jeff Lewis
This photoshoot took place on the corner of Crenshaw Boulevard and Slauson Avenue. Photo by Jason Lewis

Ransom is an ideal candidate for this photoshoot.

“I’m a die-hard Rams fan, and I joined the Rams fan club when the Rams came back to Los Angeles,” she said.  “I shared season tickets the first season with a friend of mine, and then after that I got my own tickets.  In the new stadium I have three seats and I’m so excited.”

Ransom is a football fanatic, and she has her game day rituals like many fans.

“Every Sunday, whether the Rams are playing or not, I’m watching football from the morning to the evening,” she said.  “Including Monday nights and Thursday nights.  But when the Rams play, I get all decked out in my Rams gear and I ride my Rams bike.”

There’s one simple qualification to be a part of this feature.

“You first have to be a die-hard Rams fan,” Lewis said.  

For more information, visit the Rams’ website at www.therams.com

Photo by Kirby Lee

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