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Dorsey Don Pride

Dorsey High School defensive back Ryan Alvarez Landrum.


DDP is alive and thriving after a successful Dorsey High School football season.

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Running back Javaun Lewis, Jr. hits the hole during Dorsey High School’s second round playoff victory over Chatsworth High School. Photos by Jevone Moore/Full Image 360 News

By Rashidi Jones

Since late August high school football programs around the Los Angeles City Section have been battling on Friday nights for a seat in the playoffs.  Dorsey High School entered the season looking to recapture their glory days after a disappointing 3-8 2019 season.  They turned the program over to one of their legendary players, Stafon Johnson, and in his first year as head coach, he led them 10-2 regular season record and the No. 1 seed in the Division I playoffs.

Along their way to the playoffs, they swept the Coliseum League, which included a 27-6 victory over their long-time rival Crenshaw High School.  They won
every league game by over 20 points.

After easily eliminating their first playoff opponent, Chatsworth High School, they had to lean heavily on their pride to prevail against Cleveland High School in the second round.  Cleveland led the game 21 -0 at the end of the first half.

A season that has been riddled with challenges week to week, COVID-19 testing, and injuries, was all coming  to a head as the Dorsey Dons were on the brink of having their quest for championship glory thwarted by an unlikely opponent.  But in true Dorsey fashion, when things got tough the team dug deep, and scored 28 unanswered third quarter points.  Dorsey running back Tyler Williams’ touchdown run gave them a 28-21 lead.  Williams reflected on this quintessential moment.

"It felt good and gave me a breeze of relief,” Williams said.  “It increased our momentum to fight harder and let them know that we were back in the game.”
Cleveland came back to tie the score, sending the game into overtime.  After a double overtime, Dorsey secured a victory with a final score of 34-28, which kept them in the hunt to become City champions. 

Dorsey’s legendary running back Stafon Johnson returned to their sidelines as the team’s head coach.

Dorsey’s win was not just another "W" in the win column; it was a statement that the proud tradition of Dorsey Don Pride (DDP) is alive and thriving.  And it couldn’t be more fitting given a magical season that has been sparked by the return of Johnson, who rushed for a City Section record 5,777 yards while at Dorsey, with 2,197 yards in 2005.  Johnson went on to have success in both college at USC and in the NFL.

"Stafon Johnson is a true example of Dorsey pride,” said Irvin Davis, long time Dorsey coach.  His accomplishments on and off of the field provide great hope and inspiration for the young people that he helps to lead and who also are looking to follow in his footsteps.”

Dorsey eventually fell short of their quest to win a championship, as they lost to Canoga Park High school in the semi-finals.  While the season’s end was disappointing, the season was still highly successful and could be a launching pad to future champions.  

Led by team captains Josh Coleman, Kendell Burrell, Shyhiem Holland, Tyler Williams and Mychai Williams, Dorsey has shown an uncanny ability to stop teams in their tracks and score at will.  Leading the charge for the offense is a great one-two punch led by quarterback Coleman and stand out wide receiver Mychai Williams, and an unstoppable run game led by running backs Tyler Williams and Javaun Lewis, Jr..  And not to be overlooked is this year's offensive line led by seniors Shyheim Holland and Malik Stevenson, who play right guard and right tackle and also are key players on defense as well, Rahsaan Jones, who played a critical role at center, and Michael Anderson and Bryan Adams at left guard and left tackle. 

Wide receiver Mychai Williams catches a pass over a Chatsworth High School defender.

Whether it be maximum pocket protection for Coleman to drop dimes to his stealthy receiving core or blasting defenders off the line for running backs like Harrison Allen, who averaged 10 yards per carry, these young men are modeling the behavior of champions just like when the school was in its prime.

"Our coaches pay attention to detail,” said lineman Rahsaan Jones.  “We are prepped each week and ready to go come Friday and this has made a better football team.”

“This comeback year for us has been special,” said lineman Brian Adams.

Dorsey’s offensive line (l-r) Malik Stevenson, Shyheim Holland, Rahsaan Jones, Michael Anderson and Brian Adams.