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Center of Hope LA’s “All In” protest and rally

Members of Center of Hope LA took to the streets of Inglewood to “disrupt the culture” and raise awareness of racial injustice. Photos by Jason Lewis


The Inglewood church held a march against systematic oppression while celebrating Black excellence and mobilizing for strategic impact.

By Ayanna Bonds

This past Fourth of July, members of Center of Hope LA and partnering organizations took to the streets of Inglewood to protest racial injustice.  

“Let’s make a statement,”  Pastor Gregory Dixon said.  “Let’s disrupt the culture to raise awareness about our refusal to allow what’s happening to continue.”

Marchers headed north on Crenshaw Boulevard from Center of Hope LA, took a left on Pincay Drive, then headed south on Prairie Avenue, then east on Century Boulevard and back to Crenshaw Boulevard.  

In the current political and social climate that has led to protests throughout the nation, Dixon is bringing community members together to create action.

“‘All In’ is a mantra,” he said.  “It’s like a mandate that we can no longer shake our heads in dismay.  We can no longer wave our fingers at injustice.  No longer smack our teeth or talk with our friends.  We have to fully commit to being part of the solution.  To see things change.

“As a community we need to be ‘All In’ as related to raising our voices against systemic oppression and racism in all of apparatuses of government.  Also, we felt that we needed to create an environment where we could build a coalition of all of the existing groups who are doing excellent work to serve our community already.”

The rally was held in the parking lot of Center of Hope LA, and it brought together existing organizations and businesses that already serve the Black community.  Faith Foster Family Network, which helps children in the foster care system, and Forgotten Children Inc., an organization that rescues, restores, educates, and brings hope to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, have partnerships with Center of Hope LA and they were on hand to support the rally.  

The event also featured voter registration and voter education booths.  It was important that people not only march in the streets, but also channeled rage into action.  

“Once we’re done marching, let’s register to vote,” Dixon said.  Let’s get registered in our census.  Let’s talk about what’s happening with foster care and human trafficking.  What’s happening with political activism and social justice for young people.”

Find out how you can get involved with Center of Hope LA’s efforts by contacting them at (323) 757-1804, and visit their website at www.go2hope.com.  Follow their Facebook and Instagram pages to find out about more events at the church.