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Park Mesa Heights Community Council encourages local involvement in the election process

Judge candidates discuss criminal justice reform at the Park Mesa Heights Community Council meeting. Photo by Jason Lewis


The neighborhood council for View Heights, Angeles Mesa, and Hyde Park hosted candidates for judge positions on the November ballot at their August meeting.

By Tracey Edwards

Park Mesa Heights Community Council is taking an active role in the upcoming election.

“It’s not simply voting, or going out and registering people to vote, but understanding the ballot initiatives and measures,” said council president Kahllid Al-Alim.  “But more importantly, doing your research on the candidates who are running for office.  Not just measures, but also the prosecutors and the judges.”

At the August meeting, judge candidates Alfred A. Coletta, Seat #4, Sydne Jane Michel, Seat #16, and Tony J. Cho, Seat #60, spoke with community members.  They did not simply come to campaign, but they addressed issues that community members have.  The meeting turned into a town hall session with community members asking about the criminal justice system and sentencing reform.

“These are the issues that we’re dealing with that affect our community,” Al-Alim said.  “Our demographics are involved in the criminal justice system.  Through the candidates’ years of experience, and what they’ve engaged in their own personal life, we need to know how they will come to make their decisions when they’re sitting on the bench.”

The community council will continue to discuss the ballot at each of their meetings heading into the November election.  Their meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month at the Yes Academy, 3140 Hyde Park Boulevard.  The meeting is from 10 a.m. to noon.  For more information, visit www.parkmesaheights.org.  

For more information about candidate Alfred A. Coletta, visit www.colettaforjudge.com.

For more information about candidate Sydne Jane Michel, visit www.michelforjudge.com.

For more information about candidate Tony J. Cho, visit www.cho4judge.com.

Note- the three candidates are not running against each other.  They are running for separate seats.


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