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Sip & Sonder’s Juneteenth Celebration in Inglewood

Designs by Her, which creates beautiful flower bouquets, will be one of the vendors at Sip & Sonder’s pop-up. Photos courtesy of Sip & Sonder.


The Black-owned coffee shop will host a special edition of their monthly vendor pop-up sidewalk series.

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Sip & Sonder co-owners Shanita Nicholas and Amanda-Jane Thomas.

By Megan Reed

Sip & Sonder on Market Street in Inglewood will host “A Juneteenth Celebration” on Saturday, June 19 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  

“We really take this day to celebrate Black joy, and Black being in existence,” said co-owner Shanita Nicholas.  “This is really a day to reflect.  That’s a reflection on Black history and current Black state of affairs.  Being able to carve out those moments to reflect with one another about our common experiences; the good and the bad.”

Smaller-scale Juneteenth events have been celebrated in the greater Los Angeles area for years, but after George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer and the protests that ensued, Juneteenth became a nationally prominent celebration.

“We’re often under assault in so many ways,” said co-owner Amanda-Jane Thomas.  “When we turn on the news, there’s always something that’s traumatizing.  I think that can take away the shine of all of the beauty, and the freedom, and the amazingness that exists within our community.  Having a day like Juneteenth allows us to celebrate being who we are.”

Sip & Sonder’s Juneteenth celebration will feature music by DJ Big Baby Ash and gift give-aways that is sponsored by the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Rams.  This celebration also features their monthly vendor pop-up sidewalk series, which is designed to give local Black entrepreneurs who do not have a brick and mortar store an opportunity to sell their goods.  

The vendors that will be on hand are Bridgetown Roti, which serves Caribbean food; Designs by Her, offering beautiful flower bouquets; and For the Love of US, sharing apothecary treasures.

Sip & Sonder is not just a coffee shop.  It is also a cultural space that supports local communities.  Thomas and Nicholas are on the board of directors of the L.A. Black Investors Club, and they host the Black Business Pitch Competition.  This event is in line with Sip & Sonder’s mantra, which is, “For the Community, For the Culture.”

Sip & Sonder was impacted by the COVID-19 closures, which caused it to close for long periods of time, and when it re-opened with pick-up only, the hours were limited.  The shop is now fully open with extended hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m to 5 p.m; Saturdays and Sundays, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Sip & Sonder is located at 108 S. Market Street.  Visit their website at www.sipandsonder.com, and follow them on social media.