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West Angeles springs into action to support the people of Houston

Volunteers unload donated goods from vehicles in West Angeles’ parking lot. Photos by Jason Lewis


The church partnered with other COGIC churches, political leaders, public figures, and community members to support people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

By Megan Reed

During Hurricane Katrina 12 years ago, the city of Houston stepped up to support the people from New Orleans during their time of need.  Today, the people of Houston are in need of help after Hurricane Harvey left many people homeless.  Many community members, organizations, and churches have sprung into action to help, including West Angeles Church of God in Christ.

“During Katrina, the city of Houston stepped up and took in many people from the city of New Orleans,” Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. said.  “This is our opportunity to say, ‘Thank you to Houston.’”

Community members dropped off non-perishable food, water, baby formula, gently used clothes, toiletries, diapers, and women’s sanitary products as more than 200 West Angeles volunteers unloaded long lines of cars and separated the goods on a daily basis during the two-week donation drive.

West Angeles also held a Hurricane Katrina drive in 2005, which prepared them for future relief efforts.

“We are responding promptly to a tragedy,” Blake said.  “We responded to Katrina, but we were unprepared, and unaware of all of the things that were needed.  The knowledge that we got out of the experience of Katrina is helping us to summons our local community, our fellow churches, and our friends to come together early on and respond to the tragedy that has taken place.”

West Angeles was not alone in the efforts to send resources to Houston.  Churches, politicians, and pubic figures throughout Los Angeles gave a helping hand.

“This event helps to mobilize all of the resources, not only that we have here at West Angeles Church, but that we have here in the city of Los Angeles,” Elder Darin Mcallister said.  “Between Bishop Charles E. Blake, COGIC charities, Magic Johnson, KJLH, (County Supervisor) Mark Ridley-Thomas, a host of pastors that have come together, and over 200 volunteers, it’s really showing a reflection of what L.A. can do to help our brothers and sisters down in Houston.”

While the donated goods have been sent to Houston, people can still make financial donations for the relief effort by visiting www.westa.org, or by calling West Angeles’ Community Assistance Department at 323.733.8300 ext. 2370.