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G.O.A.T. skincare products for the confident man


The men’s skincare company makes beard oils, lotions, body washes, and moisturizers.


By Blake Carter

Men tend to be rough on their skin through the course of the day, whether that be at work or when they perform physical recreation activities in the evenings and on the weekends.  A little T.L.C. for their skin can have them looking, smelling, and feeling good.  GOAT Grooming Oils and Tamers has just want they need.  GOAT has lotions, body washes, hand and body moisturizers, beard oils and beard balms.  

GOAT was founded in 2018 by Mark Brown after he had a difficult time finding a product for his beard.

“I had always been a clean shaven guy,” he said.  “I never had facial hair.  When I decided to grow a beard, I realized that there must be a product that I needed to use.  When I researched different products, I didn’t really find the products that would cater to my needs.”

Brown started experimenting in his kitchen and he created a beard balm.  

“There wasn’t a company out there that I felt was creating a product that I would get behind, so I decided to create one,” he said.

Long beards have become a very popular style for men over the last few years, but if it’s not properly groomed, a man could be walking around with unhealthy facial hair.

“You want the beard oil to get underneath the beard to hit the skin,” Brown said.  “When it hits the skin, it’s going to moisturize the skin, and create an environment for a more healthy beard.  It’s going to keep your beard soft, keep the tangles out, and keep the beard gruff out.  And it gives the beard that good shine.”

GOAT’s body wash is the company’s top seller, and their Blue Collar cream is very popular.  While the product is designed for men, many women are buying the products for their men.

“More often than not, women are the shoppers,” said brand manager Kareem Fort.  “We’re getting a great response from the hand and body moisturizer.  That seems to do very well with women.  They seem to really love that smell on their men.”

Healthy skin that smells great can do a lot for a guy.

“What we’re doing with GOAT is that we’re building confidence,” Fort said.  “We’re all trying to do better in our respective fields.  If you dress better, you feel better, and you perform better.  When you use our products, you definitely will feel better, and it reflects in your attitude throughout the day.  So the women feel like they’re with a confident guy.”

GOAT can be purchased at www.goat4men.myshopify.com, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.