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Oasis Landscaping creates desert and low water scenery for local homes

Many of Brennen Scott’s clients are looking desert and low-water landscaping. Photos by Jason Lewis

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Brennen Scott’s landscaping company adds value and comfort to homes.  

Brennen Scott

By Megan Reed

Not long after Park Mesa Heights resident Brennen Scott became a home owner, the Crenshaw High School graduate found his true calling.  

Three years ago, Scott’s mother moved out of Los Angeles and she left her son the house that he grew up in.  As a new home owner, he began the process of making modifications to his house.

“I paid a guy $1,000 to do some landscaping,” he said.  “It was a really simple landscape, but he really didn’t do a good job.  My friends and I were thinking that we could have done that.  So we grabbed some Tumby’s Pizza and some beer, we watched some video demos, and then we got going on the landscaping.”  

After that day, Scott started to study the trade to continue to make more improvements to his house.

“I started learning about different base material, different plants,” he said.  “Succulents and cactus, which is the thing now that everybody wants.”

After landscaping his front yard with a desert motif, Scott’s neighbors started to notice.

“When people would walk by, they would ask me who did my landscaping,” he said.  “I’d tell them that I did it.  They seemed amazed, but they didn’t seem to believe that I did it.”

Scott continued to study horticulture, which is the art of garden cultivation and management, by reading books, watching demonstration videos, and experimenting in his own front and backyard.  He would also go to nurseries and hardscaping businesses around the city where he spoke with professional landscapers.  

Soon after that he launched Oasis Landscaping.  Since then he has worked on a number of homes in South Los Angeles, and he has been contracted by people as far south as Palos Verdes and as far north as Lancaster.  

Many of Scott’s clients are looking for desert and low-water landscaping.

Oasis Landscaping builds decks, yard furniture and decorates a yard with various types of succulents and cactus.

“I think that a lot of people don’t realize that geographically, L.A. is a desert,” he said.  “And times have changed.  Years ago the ideal home came with beautiful green grass.  But now, people really don’t want to water their grass, or have time to, so they look for the next best thing.  So they can go low water.  And some people go with artificial turf, because it’s super low maintenance, but it still has that grass color and look.”

At Oasis Landscaping, Scott also builds decks and yard furniture.  These upgrades can add value to a home as well as allowing the home owner to make better use of the space on their property.

“The landscaping of your house can add 30-40% of increase in your property value.  If you put $3,000 into your back yard, or your front yard, your property value goes up.  The other side is the comfort.  Being able to relax in your backyard instead of always being in the house.  Soon my hedges in my front yard will be fully enclosed, so you can’t see in.  Then I will be able to relax there as well.  So I don’t feel trapped in my house.”

Scott put a deck, daybed, picnic area, and fire pit in his backyard, and he has done something similar for many of his clients.

Contact Oasis Landscaping at (323) 348-1304 or email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  View their work on Instagram and find them on www.Yelp.com.