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Alpha Phi Alpha partners with CORE to promote health and fitness

Photos by Jason Lewis


After hosting a vaccination event, the two organizations will host two free events on Sunday, June 26 at the L.A. Alpha House in View Park.

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By Megan Reed

The COVID-19 vaccination rate for African Americans in Los Angeles County continues to lag behind other ethnic groups.  According to the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health, 78 percent of county residents have at least one dose of the vaccine and 70 percent are fully vaccinated.  But with Black people in the county, only 59.8 percent have one dose and only 54.5 percent are fully vaccinated.  In comparison, 87.9 percent of Asians have one dose and 81.4 percent are fully vaccinated, and 84.5 percent of White people have one dose and 72.6 percent are fully vaccinated.

“It’s the vaccine hesitancy and inequity,” said Aja Johnson, program manager for Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE).  “It’s not necessarily accessible in our communities, and people are not sure if this is something that is safe to do.  There’s a lot of negative things swirling around on social media.”

To bring awareness and access to the vaccinations, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Beta Psi Lambda Chapter (Los Angeles) and their youth mentoring program the Alpha Esquires partnered with CORE, Health Net, 986 Pharmacy, and the View Park Section of the National Council of Negro Women to host an event where locals received the COVID-19 vaccine while listening to good music, enjoy good food, and supporting local Black-owned businesses.


“One of CORE LA’s focuses is to increase the vaccination rate in communities that have lower vaccination rates, and that happens to be 90043.” said Sean Allen, chapter president of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Beta Psi Lambda Chapter.  “In addition to increasing the vaccination rates, they also want to make sure that we’re supporting local businesses.  Everybody who is involved is a local business.  Even the L.A. Alpha House and the Beta Psi Lambda House of Alpha Inc. provide affordable space for events that serve our local community.”

Alpha Phi Alpha and CORE are partnering again for two events on June 26.  

Thrive Health Lab will kick off the day with a free interactive and fun yoga flow event open to the community from 9:30am to 10:30 a.m..

Ascendant Academy will lead an in-depth conversation at 11 a.m. about the importance of educating the community on graduate level healthcare management programs and associated career paths.

With both events being hosted at the L.A. Alpha House, attendees will get a chance to work out their mind, body, and spirit.  Light hors d’oeuvres and healthy snacks will be provided to invoke savvy conversation.  The L.A. Alpha House is located at 3712 W. 54th St. Los Angeles, 90043.