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Jordan’s Hot Dogs on Crenshaw


The Hyde Park restaurant is known for their chili and the Chiller Diller.

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Cary Jordan, Sr. and Cary Jordan, Jr. co-own Jordan’s Hot Dogs, which has been the family business since the 1960s. They’re well known for their delicious chili. Photos by Jason Lewis


By Blake Carter

Jordan’s Hot Dogs’ robust menu is pretty amazing.  It features hot dogs, turkey dogs, hamburgers, pastrami sandwiches, bacon and egg sandwiches, patty melts, tacos, burritos, French fries and Fritos chips.  And everything is better with their chili.  

“We have a secret family recipe that can’t be duplicated and can’t be matched,” said co-owner Cary Jordan, Jr.  

Chili is a nostalgic food that has been in people’s families for generations.

“It’s a comfort food,” Cary Jr. said.  “You have chili at a lot of different times of your life.  It’s something that your mom or your dad made when you were growing up.  So it takes you back to that familiar place.”

The restaurant also features vegan options for their chili, hot dogs, hamburgers, and sandwiches.  As much as locals love the food, the deserts are also a hit.  Specifically the Chiller Diller, which is a slushy type drink with ice cream and fruit flavoring.

“It’s one of our top sellers,” said co-owner Cary Jordan, Sr.  “The majority of customers order that with their food.”

Cary Sr. said that the Chiller Diller is so good that he needs to make sure that the machine that makes the drink is working, or his customers will be upset.  


Jordan’s Hot Dogs was established in 1965 in Watts by the Jordan family.  The original location was near Imperial Highway and Central Avenue.  Cary Sr., who grew up in Hyde Park and graduated from Crenshaw High School in 1975, took over the family business and moved it to it’s current location six years ago on the corner of Crenshaw Boulevard and 59th Place.   

“My dad had the genius idea to relocate to give us more visibility,” Cary Jr. said.  “There are a lot changes happening in this neighborhood, and we don’t want to miss out.  We want to continue to serve our community the best way that we can.”

Jordan’s Hot Dogs has participated in Los Angeles City Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson’s program to feed senior citizens who are shut in during the pandemic.  

“Marqueece Harris-Dawson has been really helpful in terms of letting small Black-owned businesses in the community serve senior citizens who aren’t able to get out and get food during the COVID pandemic,” Cary Jr. said.  “So we partnered with them to prepare meals three days a week.  We deliver food to local senior-living residential homes.”

Jordan’s Hot Dogs is located at 5960 Crenshaw Boulevard.  Contact them at (323) 299-3647.  Visit their website at www.jordanshotdogsla.com and follow them on Facebook and Instagram to find out about special promotions.