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Community Build, Inc. combats the speed of COVID-19 in the workplace while creating jobs


The South Los Angeles non-profit organization partners with Coastal Health to train health workers to retrofit the workplace environment.


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Community Build, Inc. Community Health Workers are trained to assess a business’ overall hygiene and cleaning protocol and develop an action plan to retrofit the workplace environment. Photos by Ian Foxx

Community Build, Inc. is taking the lead in workplace safety in light of the uptick in COVID-19 cases and the new Omicron variant.

Community Build, Inc. and San Diego-based Coastal Health USA have partnered to create a social enterprise company that will assess, implement and maintain an infection controlled workplace environment using EPA & FDA regulated solutions for clinical, commercial, and public environments.

“This collaboration is a great model for public-private partnerships,” said Robert Sausedo, Community Build, Inc. president.  “Through this social enterprise, we are able to provide high-paying jobs for individuals that have had challenges with long-term unemployment while helping employers provide a safe work environment for employees who may be hesitant about returning to the work place.  This is all made possible by Mayor Garcetti and the City of Los Angeles.”

Coastal Health USA will train Community Build, Inc. Community Health Workers to assess a business’ overall hygiene and cleaning protocol and develop an action plan to retrofit the workplace environment.  Based on the assessment, UVC disinfections and antimicrobial protection will be applied on high-touch surfaces and highly trafficked areas. An infection control plan will be developed to enable a business’ janitorial staff to maintain a safe environment.  The Community Health Workers will monitor the workplace regularly to ensure levels of infectious bacteria remain low.

Coastal Health USA’s intensive training program consists of modules on the various products used for disinfection, differentiation between cleaning and hospital-grade disinfection, installation of microbial protectants on surfaces and testing for microorganisms.  Upon completion of each module, Community Health Workers will receive a certificate of completion, furthering their skills for future job opportunities.

Facilities that have undergone the disinfection process and tested for infectious microbacteria will receive a seal of certification that can be displayed on the front door and throughout the facility.  The seal contains a code that can be scanned with a mobile device and the facility’s infection safety protocol can be reviewed.
Community Build, Inc’s Community Health Workers program is funded by a grant from the City of Los Angeles to provide job skills for individuals with long-term unemployment. 

“This partnership is the perfect trifecta - Community Build, Coastal Health and the City of Los Angeles – teaming together to battle this pandemic and make it safe to return to the workplace,” said Jack Corrao, managing partner, Costal Health USA. “We also have the privilege of providing much needed job training in a community hit hard by the pandemic.”

The first cohort of Community Build, Inc. Community Health Workers completed the infection control classroom training and on the job training at Community Builds Inc.’s corporate offices in late December.

For more information, contact Community Build, Inc. at (323) 290-6560 or visit www.communitybuildinc.org.