Sun, May

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday photo submissions

Photo by Donn Bynum

Camera Club

Photos from the Kingdom Day parade and King Fest in Los Angeles, King parade in Inglewood, the King memorial in Kennith Hahn Park, and a Sunday Second Line parade on MLK Jr. Blvd. in New Orleans. 


Karim Saafir

Karim 2 web

Karim 5 web


Gail Oliver

Gail 3 web


Teresa Fields


Charles Loeb

Loeb 4 web


Troy Tieuel

Troy 4 web

Troy 1 web


Donn Bynum

Donn 1 web

Donn 9 web


Camille Dudley

Camille 6 web


Amanda Scurlock

Amanda 1 web

Amanda 3 web


Bart Ross


Jason Lewis

Jason 2 web

New Orleans

Jason 4 web

Jason 5 web



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