Sun, May

Photo and video assignment: Community events/gatherings

Camera Club

Capturing moments in and out of your community.

This will be a two part assignment.  Part one will be due in August, and part two will be for September.  

For part one, select a community event or gathering and shoot it.  It can be a local festival, church service, community service event, party, athletic event.  Anything that brings people together in your community.  When taking photos and/or video of the gatherings, use the composition rules that we’ve gone over, and use techniques that you already know.  This will be due at the August meeting.

For part two, the assignment is the same, except that you’ll chose a gathering outside of your community.  Los Angeles is a melting pot of many different cultures.  You won’t have to travel too far to find a community that’s dramatically different from yours.  This will be due at the September meeting.