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May camera club meeting recap, June meeting Tuesday the 19th

Wedding videographer Brandon Tanori presents at the camera club meeting.

Camera Club
Brandon Tanori of DDP Wedding Videography; composition assignments; and meetups
Brandon Tanori talked about the equipment that he uses.

June meeting

Next meeting, which is FREE to attend, is Tuesday, June 19, at The L.A. Alpha House, 3712 W. 54th Street, 7-9 pm, doors open at 6:30. RSVP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (only if you're not already on the email list).

Von Thomas, a Los Angeles High School alum who is a Digital Image Technician (DIT) on feature films, TV shows, TV commercials and music videos, and the owner of Thomas Editions Fine Art Prints, will be the guest speaker.  He’s going to talk about exposure, color, photo editing, photo printing, etc.  Visit his website at http://thomaseditions.com/

Check out this video of Thomas talking to students.

Von Thomas DIT Class from Tim Alexander on Vimeo.

May meeting recap

The guest speaker at the May meeting was wedding videographer Brandon Tanori (323-364-2760, www.ddpweddings.com, Instagram: @ddpweddings, Facebook: DDP Wedding Videography). He gave an in-depth presentation of camera and audio equipment, camera accessories, and computer hardware and software.

One of many great points that he gave to the members of the camera club was that when it comes to equipment, you get what you pay for. Tanori has made the investment (over $10,000) on equipment to ensure that he captures the best quality video and audio possible. He said that while shooting weddings, it’s a major problem if a key moment is missed, so he can’t have issues because he purchased cheap equipment.


Photo and video assignments

Photos from the Filling the Frame composition assignment and from the Leimert Park Art Walk meetup were presented.

*Filling the frame tutorial (May assignment)

*Filling the frame submissions


*Leimert Park Art Walk submissions


*Perspective (June assignment)

June’s composition assignment is perspective. The purpose of this assignment is to get people out of the habit of taking pictures from their eye level. Shooting a subject from a different angle can greatly increase the chances of getting a great photograph. The simplest way to do that is to get low and shoot upwards. Another way is to position yourself higher than the subject and shoot downward. Shooting from different angles can greatly increase the chances of capturing a great image.

*Perspective tutorial

Please email your perspective submissions by Monday, June 18 so that I can include them in the slide show.

*Upcoming photo and video assignment

I’m giving everybody a heads up on the upcoming assignment.  It will be self portraits.  I figured that we’ve done a few composition rules, so we should do something fun.  Typically when I take self portraits, I’m taking a photo of my wife and I.  Sometimes I’m taking a photo of me by myself.  When using my Canon DSLR, I typically use a tripod and a remote shutter switch to take the photo.  I have a Joby GorillaPod tripod which I use a lot because it’s sturdy enough to hold a DSLR camera, and it’s small enough to fit in my camera bag without taking up much space.  I think it’s only a foot tall.  The one I got was about $50, and there are more expensive versions.  You can buy taller and more sturdy tripods, which would work better.  I also have an attachment that allows me to use my iPhone with that tripod.  That attachment was only about $15 at Best Buy.  There are a number of smaller tripods that are designed for mobile photos and compact cameras that are pretty inexpensive.  Most electronic stores have them, and they’re mostly under $30.  Recently I bought a remote switch for my iPhone, which was also from Best Buy for about $15.  All this stuff you can purchase online.

There are a number of ways to take self-portraits.  You can hold the camera and shoot into a mirror, you can mount the camera on a tripod or rest it on a sturdy object and use a remote switch or a timer, and you can even take a selfie with your cell phone.  While I’d like to see us go beyond the cell phone selfie, selfies can be turned in for this assignment (it better be a really good selfie lol).  I’ll have the tutorial created shortly.

I’m giving you all a heads up on this assignment to give you time to purchase equipment if you need it.



I’m still working on scheduling a meetup with the Compton Cowboys.  We haven’t locked down a day or time yet.  I was hoping to do another meetup in either late June, or before the July meeting.  A couple other ideas that have come up are the Art District in downtown, and the South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes.  I’m looking into those two locations.  If anybody has some other ideas, please let me know.


Stay updated

For people who are new to the club or have, have missed some meetings, or have not attended a meeting, you can view the past tutorials and composition assignments on Camera Club section of the Standard’s website.  Also follow along with the camera club’s Facebook group.  

*Camera Club section

*Camera Club Facebook group