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Protesters in Los Angeles want justice, a reallocation of public safety funds, and D.A. Jackey Lacey to prosecute law enforcement agents.

Small rental property owners are struggling to make mortgage payments, which may force them to sell properties.  This could reduce affordable housing that is available to locals.  

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital is on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic and the election season, Betts and the LADF distribute vital resources and encourage voting in the greater Los Angeles area.

Durham is a hurdler on the track team, and he participates in gymnastics and dance while carrying a 3.9 GPA.

View Park resident and Los Angeles Rams lead photographer Jeff Lewis discusses how Kobe Bryant influenced his career.

We can all learn a lot about finding our passion, working hard to become excellent at it, and mending relationships from the life of Kobe Bryant.

Brett C.S. Roberts traveled through the Sahara Desert in the middle of the night to reach Cairo, Egypt.


South Los Angeles native and Inglewood resident Brett C.S. Roberts published a book that gives tips on how to travel the world on a budget.

The Hawaiian Islands offer perfect year round weather with it’s amazing beaches, beautiful sunsets and spectacular sights.  Maui is one of the most popular destinations.  

New Orleans is a predominately Black city that features amazing live music, art, and food.  Sunday second line parades, jazz lounges, and art studios showcases the city’s culture.   

LaTanya Letcher was able to see spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and snow-capped mountains as she traveled through Northern California, Oregon, and Washington.

With soaring childhood obesity rates, the American Heart Association and the NFL Foundation are training Inglewood 5th graders to pass the FitnessGram assessment test.

The View Park gym features strength and cardio training, yoga, dance, boxing, and meditation.  

Ade Neff sells and repairs bicycles in Leimert Park Village. Photos by Jason Lewis


This co-op performs repairs, assists people in repairing their own bikes, and sells new bicycles.

The View Park-Windsor Hills health center promotes physical activity, mental health, and spiritual awareness.  

Black Hollywood Education & Resource Center and Restoration Stage brings the musical to the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center.

The festival will take place March 5 through April 11 at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and California African American Museum.

The film festival showcases independent films and has workshops for filmmakers of all experience levels.  February 21-23 at L.A. Live.

The festival returns to the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza February 11-23.

Leimert Park resident John Jackson created this monthly event to create better interaction among community members.

The Leimert Park organization creates a festive environment while educating the community.

(R-L) Local community members Kathy Guyton, Patricia Diggs, Jamal Jones, and L.A. Standard Newspaper publisher Jason Lewis discuss community issues at Morris Media Studios in Leimert Park.


The podcast is designed to discuss issues that affect South Los Angeles communities.

Photos by Amir Medina


Hyde Park, Angeles Mesa, and View Heights are all a part of the Park Mesa Heights Neighborhood Council.

During the the 1960s and 1970s, the Crenshaw Center was the place to be.  But there is a need for adaptation, which has happened to shopping centers and districts around Los Angeles.  

Local community leaders and groups' pressure to force CIM Group out of the $100 million deal has worked.

The federal government has “$100 billion plus sitting there right now” for small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Homeowners and renters are relying on government support to weather the storm.

The Teen Vogue Summit will be held November 1-3 in Hollywood.

The creators of College Connect 101 are putting a greater focus on helping students with their financial aid packages.

The two-day summit at L.A. Live will address the existing pipeline problem within STEM fields.

Through their yearly golf tournament, the sorority helps high school and college students pursue their higher education goals.

John and Roni Cleveland are the new owners of Post & Beam, and they’re continuing along the same path as founders Brad and Linda Johnson, and founding chef Govind Armstrong.

Chef Michael Burnett makes Jamaican food that makes his customers say, “Ah, that’s so good.”  

Steven Conaway sells freshly roasted peanuts and healthy snack nuts from right out of his truck.

With these simple tips from Energy Upgrade California, you don’t have to sweat your energy use and may be able to save money too

The workshops teach people how to remove grass turf and replace it with sustainable landscaping, which can save money and water.

The local photographer and painter uses evidence based design to create calming artwork.

View Park resident Kevin Washington recently launched his inaugural collection.

The Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center in Leimert Park created a path for Christopher Powe to go to college.  

The Inglewood venue holds plays, concerts, and workshops for actors.  

This free program gives young musicians of color a chance to play in a classical music orchestra in their own community.

Fatima Dodson sells Afrocentric women’s clothing and she created Head Wraps in the Park.

The men’s skincare company makes beard oils, lotions, body washes, and moisturizers.

The salon has an Afro-centric environment while they create artistic hair designs.

In recent years several Black-owned cigar lounges have opened, allowing people to stay within their own communities to enjoy one of their favorite pastimes.

The non-profit organization creates a “party experience” to attract local voters.

Black fraternities and sororities have locally participated in the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Inglewood church held a march against systematic oppression while celebrating Black excellence and mobilizing for strategic impact.

California bill to address reparations; ADOS-LA discusses why Black Americans are owed reparations, how it can close the wealth gap, and what the Black New Deal entails.

Most stutterers grow out of the speech disorder as children.  For people who do not, pursuing higher education and certain career paths can be difficult, but not impossible.

Pastor Geremy Dixon believes that supporting foster care children could “reduce the homeless population, prison population, human trafficking population, and those who are drug addicted.”

The Leimert Park wellness store has teas, herbal remedies, organic body care, haircare products, candles, incense, and more.

As a function of their jobs, first responders cannot distance themselves from the coronavirus, which puts them and their families at risk.

As the California African American Museum’s Fall 2019 season kicks off this month, the museum continues to use lively events with DJs and food trucks to attract younger people to the museum.

At the Annenberg Space for Photography.

At The Broad in downtown Los Angeles.

Keller Williams Inglewood and California Realty Training offer a real estate license course.

Wise decisions led Jackson from the Nickerson Gardens housing projects to becoming an urban planner in Inglewood.

Many candidates take advantage of this free physical fitness program before they make it to the police academy.

The Inglewood native was mentored by firefighters when he was younger, and now he’s encouraging others to join the service.

Los Angeles Standard Camera Club members took photos around Los Angeles as people followed stay-at-home orders.

The theme for this month is video! 

Omar McGee is providing his clients with excellent auto services without them having to step foot on a dealership lot.

The owners of The Metaphor Club created this monthly classic car meetup show to support Black-owned businesses.  

Stevo Ward made subtle changes to his Mercedes-Benz CL500. Those changes make his car standout from the crowd. Photos by Jason Lewis


Stevo Ward is the go-to-guy to make a car a head-turner.

Car salespersons no longer hover around the car lot waiting for customers. They now huddle around a computer to interact with car buyers. Photos by Jason Lewis


The days of heading down to the dealership and haggling with a salesperson are nearly over.  

Griffin, a Grambling State University grad, is helping HBCUs monetize their intellectual property.  

Terry’s company, ChargerHelp Inc., is building out an app that will facilitate on demand electric vehicle charging station maintenance.

Technology has a major impact on the music industry, and it has helped Universal Music's Chris Ayears manage artists and get music to the masses.

Parker works as a gameplay engineer at Riot Games, which is one of the largest video game studios in the world.

The Butlers, both buisness owners from Los Angeles, held their wedding in New Orleans.

The couple were married at the Rose Garden in Exposition Park.

Lewis, a UCLA graduate, was born and raised in Los Angeles.

The couple held an elegant and sophisticated wedding in Santa Monica.